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I LOVE silver, gemstones, everything associated with the two. I want to spend more time at home with my large brood of kids (4! ages 8-17), and be available to them on a regular basis. I make a lot of jewelry, sell quite a bit on my Etsy and Artfire websites, and am constantly searching for ways to improve my items and offer more unique jewelry in a way that is cost-effective for me and practical for you! I need the creativity in my life. It's what keeps me going day after day.

My Inspiration

My Inspiration
yep, that's me and my daughter, Shayla!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Time Management in an Etsy Shop

Does anyone else have a drawer next to the computer that looks like this or am I the only one?  I also have a larger box with items I definitely MIGHT use, and a very large box of cables that I'm not sure I have the components to nor do I know what they go to!  I'm probably the only one...

Things like this make me crazy.  They eat up my valuable (to me) time searching for the right camera cable (one of the 4 black ones in the drawer) and just drive me nuts!  Let me tell you a story...

Last month, my 14-year old daughter was obsessing over the movie The Lion King.  We couldn't find our DVD, so we ended up borrowing a VHS from a friend of hers.  We no longer own a VCR.  We ended up going to the goodwill and spending $10 to see a movie ONCE.  She used her allowance to help pay for it.  The funny thing is that I had just a couple of days before just gone through my cables in the "garage box" and thrown them all out, thinking that I really will never use these RCA cables ever again with all the digital options we now use.  I sent them packing in the trash truck, about 10 cables or more. 

Guess what?  The Goodwill had NO cables.  Not one to check if the VCR (one among dozens, some quite nice in the day) actually worked!  I had to BUY AN RCA CABLE to play a borrowed VHS tape on a new used Goodwill old VCR that I wasn't even sure worked.

So I'm getting a bit behind, but the movie was great! =)

The almost daily story of my life.  After all, this was just one child one day.

Coming soon:  A work in Progress:  Ruby and Sterling Steampunk pendant...turned out so cool and I took photos along the way!

Thanks for letting me vent!
xo Cindy

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