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I LOVE silver, gemstones, everything associated with the two. I want to spend more time at home with my large brood of kids (4! ages 8-17), and be available to them on a regular basis. I make a lot of jewelry, sell quite a bit on my Etsy and Artfire websites, and am constantly searching for ways to improve my items and offer more unique jewelry in a way that is cost-effective for me and practical for you! I need the creativity in my life. It's what keeps me going day after day.

My Inspiration

My Inspiration
yep, that's me and my daughter, Shayla!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Few Studio Photos

Here's my studio when I got my new "wall."  It looks empty right now!  I'll think about updating my photos once I get the hang of regular blogging...  Below is my supplies cabinet, a repurposed school discard destined for the city dump!  Cindy to the rescue!  I have another in my laundry room.  It is great for shoes =)
Okay, so I figured out how to upload to make some jewelry!  Then maybe I'll add a live link to my etsy shop (but I think clicking on the top banner will work).

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